Le Biodiverse Line

Equilibrium Box


The products that form the Equilibrium box are characterized by nutritional components that help the organism to be balanced. The good fibre content* in each of the meals helps to regulate bowel function: such substance, resistant to digestion, facilitates intestinal transit allowing the elimination of any impurities and slags. In addition, the fibre reduces the absorption of lipids and sugars whose accumulation has no beneficial effects for the body; it also facilitates the sense of satiety. The presence of vitamins and minerals supports the bioregulatory, protective and preventive action. The suggested meals can be a healthy and tasty lunch break, or a ready solution for dinner, when you have little time to devote to the kitchen. The ingredients used for their preparation, typical of the Mediterranean diet, have a good carbohydrate content.

The Equilibrium box has been designed for Pr.ali.na by the nutritionist Paola De Pasquale.