Le Biodiverse Line

Energy Box


The products that compose the Energy box consist of a variety of ingredients that evoke the aromas, flavours and virtues of the Mediterranean culinary tradition. The nutritional components of legumes, combined with those naturally present in cereals, vegetables and aromatic herbs, create a synergistic beneficial effect for health. The good content of complex carbohydrates, present in every meal, ensures the energy that is necessary for the body to perform its daily activities in the best way: if you imagine the human body as a car, carbohydrates represent, in fact, the indispensable fuel for its functioning. The merits of the products in this selection are also attributable to the presence of vitamins, minerals and bioactive compounds, with protective, preventive and bioregulatory action; and last but not least to the presence of fibre* that, among its functions, also gives the sense of satiety. The suggested meals can be a healthy and tasty lunch break, or a ready solution for dinner, when you have little time to devote to the kitchen.

The Energy box has been designed for Pr.ali.na by the nutritionist Paola De Pasquale.