Le Biodiverse Line

Detox box


The products composed in the Detox box are characterized by nutritional properties that are useful for stimulating detoxification. The presence of cereals, legumes and vegetables guarantees an adequate intake of fibre*, an essential substance to facilitate the elimination of any toxins accumulated as a result of culinary excesses. The food components of soups and purees also ensure the intake of several vitamins and minerals essential for proper functionality of organism. Moreover, the aromatic herbs (thyme, bay leaves, rosemary) embellish the dishes not only with added flavour notes, but also with the presence of essential oils in them (eugenol, limonene, cineol, etc.) with digestive, carminative and antioxidant properties. The suggested meals can be a healthy and tasty lunch break, or a ready solution for dinner, when you have little time to devote to the kitchen. The ingredients used for their preparation, typical of the Mediterranean diet, have a good carbohydrate content.

The Detox box has been designed for Pr.ali.na by the nutritionist Paola De Pasquale.