Typicality and Tradition

An Apulian company with Apulia in its heart... and ingredients  Pr.ali.na. Selects the best ingredients and transforms them into products that contain all the flavour of Apulia and its gastronomic traditions.    From sauces, to condiments, spreads to purées, soups to bruschetteria, discover the flavours of the old traditional Apulian recipes such as broad bean and chicory purée from the “Le biodiverse” line and select products free from GMOs from the iBio line.   detail

Natural and Organic Ingredients

Pralina is concerned for the environmental sustainability of its productions and carefully chooses quality ingredients, zero km raw materials, prepared with no additives or preservatives. The two outstanding lines “Le Biodiverse” and “iBio” are testament to the attention the company pays to the raw materials and to upholding the traditions of the Salentinian and Apulian territory. detail

Quality and Innovation

Pralina products are a guarantee of quality because they are born from the transformation of raw materials guaranteed in every respect, processed with no added chemicals and preservatives, and offered to the consumer in glass packaging only in order to minimise the environmental impact. The environmental focus distinguishes the company’s work, which fuels the production plants through “clean energy” from a photovoltaic system covering almost 90% of the company’s energy needs. The quality of the products, from the ingredients to the packaging and innovation in the ... detail

Products of the Territory

Knowledge of the raw materials, Taste and Variety of ingredients offered by the territory. This is how Pralina recipes are born. Salento, where the company is based, offers an infinite variety of vegetables and raw materials that, once selected and transformed according to recipes perfected by years of experience, enhance the flavours and bring an intense taste to every mouthful.  Pralina products are served at the table of 23 countries around the world. The love of the land urges us to seek out new ways of sharing its flavours, creating new recipes and endeavouring to offer products ... detail